New online Variation of Enrolment (VOE) form

mouseAs part of our continued commitment to improve the student experience, a new online Variation of Enrolment (VOE) form is now available.

In most cases you can enrol and withdraw from subjects yourself on StudentOnLine. You may not be able to change your enrolment yourself if:

  • the subjects have requisites (conditions) that you haven’t met
  • your changes will lead you to overload your credit points
  • the subject is not available or is full
  • it’s after week two of the semester

If you are not able to withdraw or enrol into a certain subject in StudentOnLine please submit a VOE. You can access this online form via StudentOnLine, under the enrolment tab.

Note: if you want to enrol in a certain subject, but do not meet the prerequisites, you should contact the subject coordinator first and get approval before submitting your Variation of Enrolment. You can then upload this approval via the online form. If you do not get a subject coordinator’s approval prior to submitting your online VOE form, there will be a delay in the processing of your VOE application.