Semester Exchange Scholarships – Asia!

planeHave you considered studying for a semester in Asia?

We have prestigious scholarships on offer for a semester exchange opportunity in the following countries:

  • Singapore: 4 scholarships of AUD 7,000 each at undergraduate level
  • India: 3 scholarships of AUD 5,000 each at undergraduate level
  • China: 3 scholarships of AUD 5,000 each for China’s ESSCA Shanghai University at postgraduate level

Eligibility criteria for the program:

  • must be going on a semester exchange to the relevant country
  • must be enrolled in a La Trobe University degree
  • must have approval for exchange studies credited to the LTU degree
  • must be under 28 years for the undergraduate level scholarships
  • must be an Australian citizen or a resident

Apply now for a semester exchange in Semester 1 2017.

Don’t miss out on the amazing opportunity to be a recipient of a very prestigious award and to have an experience of a life time! Make Asia Your Campus!

Please contact La Trobe Abroad for more information.