Bendigo Transformation Program: sports field

The Bendigo sports field lighting and change rooms (including bike facilities) site is currently under construction.This is an exciting time for Bendigo Campus, as this is the first of the five fast tracked initiatives of the Campus Transformation Program.

constructionAs a result of the site establishment, there will be some changes to access in the areas surrounding the work site:

  • the sports field will be closed while construction works take place. Whilst some areas will remain accessible, the area will be unsuitable as a venue until works are completed
  • some pedestrian access in the vicinity of the Sports Field will be restricted or closed. Temporary alternative pedestrian access will be available to minimise inconvenience
  • car park 4 will be closed permanently as the builders will house construction resources on this site

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by these changes.

For further information and continued regular updates see the project website.