New Student Learning Portal – check it out and share your feedback!

We’re excited to announce the first release of the new Student Portal! You can log into the Portal at:

 The Portal gives you access to a number of useful functions including:

  • Maps – maps of your campus but also includes floor plans in Bendigo and Bundoora. Click on the lecture theatre or room you are trying to locate, and see a building floor plan with that room highlighted! You can see the full names of each building, not just the abbreviations
  • My Subjects – access to your subject LMS sites and information about the subjects you are enrolled in
  • My contacts – automatically adds the contact details of your subject coordinators. Search and add more staff contacts
  • Your week (7 days rolling schedule) – will show your upcoming timetable activities
  • You can also search and pin content from the La Trobe website

StudentPortalWe would love to hear your feedback on the Student Portal. You can share your thoughts with us by clicking on the little speech bubble icon at the top of each menu tile.

You can also have a look at the Student Portal FAQs for more detailed information.