‘Cachexia’ – our third Brand Campaign instalment

OOH2 jpegThe third installation of our Brand Campaign promotes the potentially lifesaving cancer research that La Trobe researchers Professor Nick Hoogenraad and Dr Amelia Johnston are pioneering.

Cachexia is a muscle-wasting condition that claims the lives of up to a third of all cancer patients. Our researchers have found a molecule that can be switched off to stop the onset of cachexia. Now, in partnership with the Olivia Newton John Cancer Research Institute (ONJCRI), La Trobe is now on the cusp of taking ten years of research into human trials with cancer patients.

Our ‘Cachexia’ film features Angela Mellerick, who is a cancer oncology nurse at ONCRI and La Trobe Alumnus. In the film we see her setting up the oncology ward of the hospital for the day, and hear her hopes that one day this devastating condition will no longer strip patients of the strength to continue their cancer treatment.

This brand campaign will feature across social media, billboards and large format sites from 4 September – 1 October.

Also keep an eye out for our final Brand Campaign installment in October showcasing the important research undertaken by Professor Jim Whelan into solving the impact phosphate has on global food supplies.