Research Week Bundoora – lunchtime talks and tours

research excellence weekLunch-time talks

Join our researchers as they present some of the latest developments in their research followed by an opportunity to ask questions.

Choose from a range of research topics:

  • Latest in Autism Research – Helping those with autism thrive
  • Bacteria that can eat and breathe electricity to power their biological processes.
  • Invisible Islanders – now settlers in rural Victoria
  • Keeping knees healthy and active
  • Cachexia, advances in treatment
  • Water management – The key to future water management could lie in analysing lessons from the past
  • Phosphate research
  • Emotional intelligence training

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Research Facilities Tours

Always wanted to see where research happens? Why not take our guided tours of research facilities.

  1. The Centre for Materials and Surface Science Monday 5 September
    Research 1Surfaces play a key role in the manufacture and processing of many products. Surface analysis can be used to examine materials including metals, polymers, biomaterials, textiles, semiconductors, ceramics and glass. The Centre for Materials and Surface Science hosts Australia’s most comprehensive surface science capability, featuring a range of X-ray analysis instruments, electron microscopes and scanning probe microscopes.
  1. GAIT Lab – Tuesday 6 September
    Research 2
    The Gait Laboratory is a state-of-the-art research facility within La Trobe’s Sport and Exercise Medicine Research Centre. It is used to understand the structure and function of the musculoskeletal system, and causes, prevention and treatment of musculoskeletal injuries and disease. This is the largest lab of its type in the southern hemisphere, and features a motion analysis system comprised of ten high-speed cameras which collect information about how people walk.



  1. Library Research Commons – with special Archaeology Research 3Visualisation Wednesday 7 September
    The Research Commons at La Trobe University Library provides a dynamic environment with new technologies, spaces and support for La Trobe’s researchers.   The visualisation room offers a perfect space to explore La Trobe’s cutting edge archaeology research.




  1. Wild Life Sanctuary Thursday 8 September
    Research 4
    Take a tour of the Wild Life Sanctuary and see the strong commitment to the conservation and protection of indigenous animals and plants. Over the 40 years of management a considerable amount of research has been conducted, including work on bats, possums, insects and the effects of fungal species on plant growth.



  1. The Centre for Agribioscience (Agri-Bio) Friday 9 September
    Research 5
    AgriBio is Australia’s first integrated agricultural systems biology research centre and one of Australia’s premier agribiosciences facilities. It is a joint initiative between La Trobe University and the Victorian Government. Research at AgriBio aims to improve productivity, fight disease, and reduce environmental impact in Victoria’s agricultural sector.