Whitlam to Turnbull: our governments – La Trobe Ideas and Society event

Whitlam to TurnbullThe Ideas and Society Program  presents a discussion between Michelle Grattan and Emeritus Professor Robert Manne on Australian politics from Whitlam to Turnbull: change and continuity.

Michelle Grattan has been reporting on Australian politics for the past forty years. There is no one whose knowledge of this period is more profound or whose judgment concerning the major events is more reliable. In this Ideas and Society Program event, Emeritus Professor Robert Manne, who has been writing on the broad themes of the Australian political culture for almost as long as Michelle, will be asking her some of the largest questions:

  • Who has led the most impressive government in the years between Whitlam and Turnbull?
  • What have been the most important changes in Australia’s political culture during this period?
  • Is Australian democracy more or less vibrant than it was forty years ago?
  • How well adapted is our political system to deal with the economic, social and environmental challenges we will face into the future?

Australian politics is more reliable,” he said. “I look forward to a fascinating, enlightening and entertaining conversation with Michelle Grattan.”

Tuesday 6 September
6:15pm – 7:45pm
Theatrette, State Library of Victoria (enter via entry 3, located at 179 La Trobe Street)
$15 general public
$10 La Trobe alumni and staff
FREE for La Trobe students

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