Take part in an 11 day socio-environmental cross cultural journey through China!

“China is vast. Off-the-scale massive. A riveting jumble of wildly differing dialects and climatic and topographical extremes, it’s like several different countries rolled into one.”

The emphasis of this trip is to look at the environmental and human aspects of a country undergoing rapid progress and unconditional change. We’re particularly interested in new communities emerging from environmental and social adversity and opportunity, as well as resilient traditional minority communities surviving in today’s Chinese society.

CERES Global has been travelling to China for 4 years now, taking groups of interested people on socio-environmental cross cultural journeys focused on mutual learning and exchange.

As well as our organised engagements there will be plenty of time to hit the streets, explore the night life, marvel at the history and culture and delve into the famed cuisine.

Once again the trip leaders will be Dr Ben Habib from LaTrobe University and CERES Global Coordinator Ben Walta.

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To express interest and for any questions, please email sophie@ceres.org.au or global@ceres.org.au.