Build your skills with Career Ready Advantage

Career Ready Advantage is an exciting new program available on the MyLaTrobe app to help you actively prepare for life beyond La Trobe. It’s co-designed with industry to help you develop the skills and personal attributes employers have told us they want.


We’ve curated 24 Learn activities, comprising engaging tutorials, TED Talks, podcasts and videos. Each Learn activity takes around two hours to complete and counts towards one Career Ready block. The more blocks you earn, the more rewards − such as internships and mentoring opportunities − you’ll unlock.


Do activities include internships, work experience, part-time work and volunteering. These real-world opportunities enable you to build your confidence and practice key skills. They also count towards Career Ready blocks. You can submit claims for any Do activity you’ve already completed this year.

Track your progress

Your personalised dashboard helps you assess your progress and take control of your own growth and development. The dashboard is now live and will display any blocks you’ve earned from completing the Career Ready Orientation. You’ll need to complete the Career Ready Orientation before any Learn or Do activity.

Download the MyLaTrobe app or if already installed, be sure to apply the update that was released on 19 May.