System Interface Testing at all Bundoora buildings will begin Monday 26 June

We’ll be conducting routine System Interface Testing throughout all buildings at the Bundoora campus from Monday 26 June, until Friday 7 July.

To view specific information on which buildings will be tested when, please visit the website.

 This testing will simulate a fire alarm which will in turn activate the following systems:

  • air conditioners and ventilation systems will briefly shut down
  • automatic Fire Doors will close and Exit Doors open
  • some buildings will have stairways pressurised – some occupants might hear the fans working
  • the evacuation alarms will activate, in most buildings technicians will confirm a test through the PA system

There will be announcements before and after testing to ensure all occupants are aware this is a test and do not need to evacuate.You will see contractors from various companies moving around in buildings.