Bold Thinking Series: The La Trobe Three – politics, protests and prison life

45 years to the month since they were released from Pentridge Prison – hear for the first time the full story of University student protestors dubbed the La Trobe Three.

It’s a story that made headline news – three young student activists ordered to be jailed indefinitely for disobeying a University order to stay off campus. Their defiance earnt them a prison term in one of Melbourne most notorious jails and set about a series of life-changing consequences.

You’re invited to attend the next Bold Thinking Series event, and meet the La Trobe Three – Brian Pola, Fergus Robinson and Barry York. Hear their personal account of what happened then, and since; understand their passion for a political cause, their experiences in Pentridge and how those events still impact today.

Thursday 24 August
6:30pm – 8:00pm
State Library of Victoria
Only $5 for LTU students!

It’s the first time the three men have agreed to speak on the circumstances that led to their incarceration and what has happened since. They’ll be joined by respected La Trobe Historian Professor Katie Holmes who will explore the social and political context of the time and the broader cultural repercussions of the 70’s student movement.

As we celebrate our 50th year, there’s no better time to investigate, debate and understand a seminal event in the University’s formative years.



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