Census date – Semester 2, 2017

The census date for Semester 2, 2017 is Tuesday 22 August.

Census is your deadline to finalise your enrolment.

Non-standard teaching periods
Note that the above census date is for the standard Semester 2 teaching period. If your course or subjects operate within a non-standard teaching period you will have a different census date (e.g. 24 September for subjects running in  teaching period 6: 11 September – 22 October). See the Census dates page for more information.

What do I need to finalise by census date?

  • Add or drop subjects
  • Pay fees (please note that the From 1 January 2017, the Australian Government removed the upfront HECS-HELP discount of 10% for eligible students that pay their student contributions upfront, and the voluntary HELP repayment bonus of 5%. Visit the Study Assist webpage for more detailed information)
  • If eligible, ensure that your Commonwealth Support arrangements are finalised (such as HECS HELP or SA HELP)
  • Leave of Absence (LOA):
    If you’re thinking about taking leave from your course, you should first discuss your options with your Course Coordinator. If your Course Coordinator agrees that an LOA is appropriate, you will then need to complete the LOA form and lodge it before census date.
  • Course withdrawal:
    If you’re considering withdrawing from your course, you should first discuss this with your Course Coordinator. If you decide to proceed with withdrawing from your course you will need to lodge the appropriate forms and confirm your withdrawal before census date.

After census date, your Semester 2 enrolment is ‘locked in’, and you are financially and academically responsible for your enrolled subjects.

Search our FAQs if you have questions about census date or enrolment.