Your new ‘’ website is coming!

During mid-semester break, major improvements will be made to the Students website!


Late last year we had La Trobe’s website reviewed and as an important audience, the Students website ( was included in this process. Following user research, testing and retesting, a number of recommendations were made to improve the site, focusing on improving site navigation and the organisation of content.

What will change?

  • The site will be reorganised around 7 high-level categories: Starting at La Trobe, Student admin, Your course, Study resources, Help & Support, Careers & Opportunities, International. All the existing sub-sites will be moved into the relevant category section.
  • We’ll be introducing a mega menu across the site to provide easy pathways into key areas of information, to make it easier for you to complete key tasks and find important content.
  • The Students landing page will be re-designed, so it is more attractive and easier to use.
  • We’ll create a single page containing contacts from across the Students site – this should make it much easier for you to find the contact info you need.

What does this project mean for you?

In the coming weeks, we’ll start moving sub-sites into their new locations. Don’t worry if you have bookmarked your favourite pages – we’ll set up redirects to their new locations.

During the mid-semester break we’ll roll out the mega menu and contacts page. We’ll also provide you with info about how you can provide feedback, direct to the project team, if you encounter issues or have concerns.