Write for Community – Shepparton campus arts initiative, welcoming new members

Write for Community (WfC) is a group on the Shepparton campus who meet biweekly to discuss and share creative writing. The only requirement for joining is an enjoyment of reading and writing for pleasure. As an ongoing agreement with the local paper, group members take turns to write a 500 word reflective column which appears in the weekend edition once a fortnight.

WfC is actively engaged in writing for Rabelais, and entering creative writing competitions. Our group’s aim is to share and improve our writing, while promoting our skills to the wider community. WfC is in the early stages of organising a creative writing competition for the local community. Our student members will be involved in judging and awarding prizes on behalf of the group.

Being a member of WfC has improved the employment capability of past members:

I recently received an employment offer in communications and business support. This role is exactly what I wanted in terms of both the use of skills and hours. That is, a writing-based part time role. I think the main sticking point for the employer is my writing for the Write for Community articles. Given the interview discussions, it seems like a knock-on effect of participating in Write for Community has greatly assisted me in securing what may well be my ideal job.

It’s an exciting time for our group and we are welcoming new members. If you are interested in joining Write for Community please email Margaret Hickey.