eSports Gaming Room for La Trobe residents

The world of eSports and online gaming has taken the world by storm, and with it recently being added to the Australian University Games, it seemed like a great time to launch the ‘eSports HQ’ at La Trobe.

La Trobe ICT and La Trobe Accommodation Services have created Australia’s 1st premium eSports gaming room that is dedicated to university students living on-campus. The room is near the Accommodation Services reception on Moat Drive and houses 10 high-spec, Alienware PC’s specially designed for high-quality, online gaming.

We have pulled out all the stops to make this room a popular space for La Trobe residents and students, with a specially designed 5v5, blue vs red set-up to allow fun and competitive team play for hard-core and casual gamers. The PC’s are also fitted with a LAN centre management software that allows seamless, cooperative gaming over a range of platforms and clients, with house licences available for you to try games without purchasing them.

This room has been created for La Trobe residents, can other students use it?

Only La Trobe residents can book the eSports Gaming Room, however,  La Trobe students not living on campus can use it if they enter/book with a La Trobe resident.

So make sure you are extra nice to any of your college friends, and if you are looking to meet more La Trobe gamers, try contacting La Trobe’s Competitive Online Gaming Society (COGS), who have been amazing in helping promote this amazing new space.