Kevin Rudd on China’s rise and a new world order – extra tickets now available!

China’s emergence as a global power has changed the Asian region and the world. It has reordered established patterns of trade and investment, unsettled a long standing balance of power in Asia and brought old historical antagonisms to the surface.

As President Xi Jinping consolidates his power, China increasingly presents a confident and at times assertive face to the wider world. What does China want from its region? What is its vision for Asia and how much change would this represent? What options exist for Australia to influence how the People’s Republic comports itself on the wider global stage?

There are few Australians more qualified than Kevin Rudd to help answer these questions. As the former Prime Minister, Foreign Minister and currently the President of the Asia Society Policy Unit, he has directly shaped Australia’s relationship with China and has been a pivotal figure in China engagement in the global community.

Join Mr Rudd, Linda Jakobson, founder and CEO of China Matters and Nick Bisley, executive director of La Trobe Asia, for an exploration of some of the questions certain to determine the shape of the coming century.

Thursday 26 October
12:15 – 2:30pm
Grand Ballroom, Sofitel Melbourne
25 Collins Street, Melbourne

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Get involved in this lunchtime discussion on Thursday 26 October, with a light lunch provided and the opportunity to network with guests and audience members prior to the discussion.

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