Public lecture – The changing world order? Gareth Evans on Australia and the rise of China

Australia has a vital set of relationships with its Asian neighbours, built on the foundation of shared geography, security interests and mutually beneficial trade. Over recent decades Japan and China have become global powerhouses and India may yet join them. Having strong, beneficial relations with these countries will only become more important.

One of the most important figures in building these relationships is Gareth Evans. When he became Foreign Minister in September 1988, he prioritised building a strong relationship between Australia and Asian countries, navigating the troubled relationship with Indonesia, working closely with China and other regional powers in initiating the UN peace plan for Cambodia, and playing key roles in the creation of new regional economics and security policy and architecture with APEC and the ASEAN Regional Forum.

This free public event will reflect on Gareth Evan’s time in office, discuss his thoughts on Australia’s place in Asia and how our region’s future may unfold. He will be in conversation with Professor Nick Bisley, executive director of La Trobe Asia.

Gareth Evans was a Member of Parliament and Cabinet member throughout the Hawke-Keating years. His new book, Incorrigible Optimist: A Political Memoir is published by Melbourne University Publishing.

Wednesday 15 November 2017
6.00 – 7.00pm
Theatrette, State Library of Victoria

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