Choosing subjects for Semester 2?

The subjects you can choose will depend on your course structure. You can find your structure by searching for your course in the Handbook. The structure is broken down by semester and lists the subjects you need to complete.

  • Core subjects are required for your degree.
  • Elective subjects are your choice.

Use the subject search database to find electives. You can search by keywords, or by campus, year level, or discipline. If you are a first-year student, search for subjects without pre-requisites (tick the checkbox ‘Without pre-requisites may be used as electives’.)

When you find a subject that interests you, check the ‘Subject particulars’ tab to make sure there is nothing stopping you from enrolling in the subject (pre-requisites etc), and the ‘Subject options’ tab to make sure the subject is available at your campus for the study period you require (e.g: Semester 2).

When you decide which subjects you want to study, you then need to enrol in those subjects – see: Steps to enrol in electives.