Challenges Facing Australian Governance – La Trobe Ideas & Society event

You’re invited to join The Honorable Kevin Rudd and Terry Moran at La Trobe’s Ideas & Society Program for what’s certain to be a fascinating and illuminating conversation about the governance of Australia.

Kevin Rudd and Terry Moran are thoughtful and reflective political thinkers who once held offices of greatest responsibility – Rudd as Prime Minister of Australia, Moran as the public servant Rudd chose as Secretary of the Prime Minister’s Department. Rudd and Moran served their country during challenging times, dominated by the global financial crisis and the attempt to forge an international climate change agreement. Despite two years or more of consistent public approval, Rudd lost the Prime Ministership in June 2010 in circumstances that remain controversial.

Drawing on their extensive real-world experiences, Rudd and Moran will be discussing how well Australia is governed, the major obstacles standing in the way of good government and, most importantly, how government in Australia might be improved.

They will consider: why has trust in Australia’s political and business elites declined in recent times? What role does the parliament now play in the government of Australia? What changes are required for the governance of Australia to become more efficient, just, and democratic?

Monday 16 July 2018
6:30pm – 8:00pm
Cinema 2, ACMI, Federation Square, Flinders Street, VIC, 3000

Cost: $30 General Admission / $15 Students

Tickets for this event can now be purchased via Eventbrite. Book early to avoid disappointment. Interest in this event is expected to be high.

For more information, visit the Ideas & Society Program website.