Win a Trip to Silicon Valley, USA!

Learn from the best Innovators and Entrepreneurs both here at La Trobe and in Silicon Valley, USA! La Trobe’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Chapter is your pathway to building a career as a start-up.

They’re the buzz-words you’ll hear 50,000 times during your studies and beyond as starting a business becomes more accessible. Entrepreneurship, start-ups, ideation, Hackathon, venture capital… they’re all great words but what do they mean?

The Innovation and Entrepreneurship Chapter (IEC) is the program you need to unjumble these terms and get to know your future employers, mentors and all-round bosses of entrepreneurship. Plus, you can sauce up your resume to be more attractive post-graduation.

The program involves 6 sessions that include mentoring, workshops and panel advice which are held between mid-September to November alongside the CareerReady framework. Throughout the program, students can use their attendance to unlock rewards like internships, LinkedIn consultations and yes, the chance to win a fully funded trip to Silicon Valley, USA!

Signing up is super easy!

Tuesday 14 August
The Board Room, Union Building, Bundoora Campus

By registering for the launch  Tuesday 14 August you’ll be able to attend the sessions and participate in affiliated competitions like the Big Idea and Hackathon.

To attend, register online.