Ideas & Society event – The climate change emergency: What can be done?

Our world faces a crisis perhaps greater than any humankind has previously faced. Unless nations take emergency action in the immediate future, climate scientists have warned that the conditions in which humans and other species have flourished over several millennia, will be lost forever.

As part of its “A Better Australia?” series, La Trobe University’s Ideas & Society Program brings together two distinguished speakers from different disciplinary perspectives to consider the kinds of problems climate change poses and how solutions might be found.

Tim Flannery is a distinguished mammologist, palaeontologist, and a world-renowned writer, who has been leading the struggle against climate change in Australia for many years, acting as the head of the Climate Council.

Professor Robyn Eckersley of the University of Melbourne, is one of the most significant political scientists in Australia, and has been thinking creatively about solutions to the ‘super-wicked’ problem of climate change.

The basic science of climate change appears to have been settled for many years, however the political solution seems as far away as ever. You are invited to join what promises to be a fascinating and illuminating conversation.

Thursday 27 September
6:30pm – 8pm
Cinema 2, ACMI, Federation Square
Cost: $30 General / $15 Students

Tickets can be purchased online. Book early, this event will be popular!

For more information, visit the Ideas & Society Program website.