The unfinished feminist revolution: #MeToo and the forgotten women – La Trobe Ideas and Society event

The “third wave” of the great but still incomplete feminist revolution began half a century ago. Last year a new frontier erupted spontaneously. Global wide and driven by social media, the #MeToo movement targeted the predatory sexual behaviour of men, especially but not only the rich and famous, towards which the cultures of Western nations had for so long turned a blind eye. At the same time, some feminists turned their attention to another equally pressing but all too often overlooked question—the precarious situation of older, single women. Among non-indigenous Australians, it is this group that sits uncomfortably at the very bottom of the socio-economic ladder.

Thursday 11 October
6.30pm – 8.00pm
Isabella Fraser Room, Entry 5
State Library Victoria

Cost: $30 General / $15 Students

To avoid disappointment book early. Interest is likely to be high.



Before the #MeToo movement, Jane Caro—one of the most familiar and respected faces of Australian feminism—edited Unbreakable, a collection of essays of women talking about their experiences of male sexual aggression. This year she won the mid-year “Women’s Leadership in Media” Walkley Award for her recent writing on the economic and social problems faced by women over fifty.

At the same time, Anne Manne, the author of Motherhood and The Life of I, wrote The Monthly magazine’s cover story on the feminist economist, Marilyn Waring, and a chapter in the forthcoming Dangerous Mothers putting the case for an entirely new social model, “the universal caregiver regime”.

Jane Caro and Anne Manne are two of our most independent, courageous and compassionate social critics. You are invited to join them in what is certain to be a fascinating conversation concerning two new frontiers of the unfinished feminist revolution—#MeToo and the Forgotten Women.

Speaker Bios

Jane Caro

A Walkley Award winning Australian columnist, author, novelist, broadcaster, advertising writer, documentary maker, feminist and social commentator.

She has published twelve books, including three novels “Just a Girl” “Just a Queen” and “Just Flesh & Blood”, a trilogy on Elizabeth Tudor, and a memoir “Plain Speaking Jane”. She created and edited ‘Unbreakable’ which featured stories women writers had never told before and was published just before the Harvey Weinstein revelations. ‘ “The Women Who Changed Everything” her book on the life story of women over 50, published by MUP will be launched at the end of this year.

She appears frequently on Q&A, The Drum, Sunrise & Weekend Sunrise. She created and presented 3 documentary series for ABC Compass, airing in 2015, 2016 and 2017. Another, on shame, is in production. She has regular columns in ‘Sunday Life’ and ‘Leadership Matters’.

Anne Manne

One of Australia’s most penetrating cultural critics. A former columnist for The Australian and The Age, she now writes longer essays such as the cover piece in May edition of The Monthly this year: “Great Domestic Hoax: How the economy free rides on women’s unpaid work.” Her books include Motherhood, a Walkley finalist, a Quarterly Essay: Love and Money, a memoir, So This Is Life and the bestselling The Life of I: the new culture of narcissism. She is now writing a new book on Child Sexual Abuse. Her chapter “The Quest for Social Justice for Mothers” is just out in a new book, Dangerous Ideas About Mothers, edited by Camilla Nelson and Rachel Robertson.

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