Semester 2, 2018 exam timetables now available online

The Semester 2, 2018 exam timetables are now available online via the Exam timetable webpage.

All centrally administered exam information, including dates, times venues and rules can be found on the website.

If you have a school administered exam, your subject coordinator will organise and run the exam. All the information you need about your exam, including dates, times, venues and rules will come from your subject coordinator in the lead up to your exam. You don’t need to check the examination timetable published online. All questions should be directed to your subject coordinator.

The Semester 2, 2018 examination period runs from Friday 2 November – Thursday 22 November 2018.

Now that exam timetables are available, make sure you’ve taken note of the date, time and venue of your exam. You can also familiarise yourself with the following:

On the day of your exam

Seat number – your seat number will be listed by student ID outside the exam venue. Find the subject code of your exam to locate your student ID and seat number. You can check approximately 30 minutes prior to the start of your exam.

What to bring remember to bring your writing materials (pens etc.) and your student ID card for identification by the supervisors in the exam. You can also bring other items listed in the exam rules and allowable materials list.

What NOT to bring – smartwatches, any bags or other items not on the allowable materials list.

Running late/miss the exam – you won’t be allowed to sit the exam if you are more than 30 minutes late from the start of writing time. Be aware that you will not get any extra time if you arrive late to the exam.

If you miss your exam entirely contact your subject/instance coordinator by email immediately. If you believe the reason you have missed your exam is grounds for special consideration, complete the online application form no more than three (3) working days from the exam.

Exam support and help

Disability/ongoing physical or mental health issue – if you have a disability/ongoing physical or mental health issue, register with Equity and Diversity as early as possible. Equity and Diversity can create a Learning Access Plan (LAP) for you, discuss your support options and make plans with the examinations team on your behalf. Y

Peer Learning Advisers (PLAs) – PLAs (Peer Learning Advisors) are high performing students who have been carefully selected to help you with your study and assignments. They are friendly and eager for you to drop-in

Counselling – if your studies and exam preparation is causing you added stress and are affecting your wellbeing, our counselling service is a confidential process that is built on trust. We offer a range of services catering to different needs.

Have more questions? ASK La Trobe: Exam FAQs