2018 Mann Lecture Albury-Wodonga: Governing the Murray

What do we mean by the Murray? Who are its people? And who is responsible for making decisions about the Murray? In this year’s Mann Lecture, the Hon Dr Ken Coghill will explore the relationship between the Murray, its people and how these connections impact the governance of this vast and unique region.

Thursday 11 October
6.00pm – 7.00pm
Main Lecture Theatre, Building 6,
Albury-Wodonga Campus

The Hon Dr Ken Coghill PhD
Associate Professor,
Department of Management,
Monash University



The Murray means many things to many people. Is the Murray made up of just the river and waterways or the land through which these waters flow? Should we be viewing the Murray as a larger eco-system or, more radically, as part of Mother Earth?

Dr Coghill will explore these themes, with reference to Aboriginal tradition, and ask why we consider the Darling to be a separate Basin. The community surrounding the Murray is as diverse as the region itself. The lecture will explore how we define the people of the Murray, and examine their diversity. Where do they reside geographically, and how much influence is it fair for those outside this region to hold? In an intriguing conclusion, Dr Coghill will invite the audience to consider the relationships between the Murray and its people and how the governance of the Murray could be improved in light of this.