Social Justice in the Neoliberal Age – La Trobe Ideas & Society event

In the final event of its “Better Australia?” series, La Trobe University’s Ideas and Society Program invites you to join a conversation between two of this country’s most perceptive and respected social justice advocates and activists – Cassandra Goldie, CEO of the Australian Council of Social Services and Frank Brennan, CEO of Catholic Social Services Australia.

Wednesday 14 November
6:30pm – 8pm
Clemenger Auditorium, National Gallery of Victoria
$30 General Admission / $15 Students



The questions they will be considering include: How far do we have to go before we can call ourselves a “fair go society”? Regarding the quest for social justice, what are the most important differences between the Coalition and the Labor Party? Do we still live in a neoliberal age, one that believes in small government and the superior wisdom of the market? Does neoliberalism threaten the quest for social justice? Is neoliberalism losing its grip? How successful have we recently been in tackling poverty and homelessness; income, gender and generational inequality; unemployment, disability, and mental illness? Why have we treated asylum seekers and refugees who have arrived by boat so harshly? Why has the perennial problem of indigenous disadvantage proven to be so intractable? And most importantly – how can a better Australia, the fair go Australia of our self-conception, be built?

Book now, interest is likely to be high!

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