2018 International Student Barometer results – how did we do?

The International Student Barometer results for 2018 have been released and La Trobe has achieved our highest ever participation of international students and highest satisfaction levels in key areas.

  • More than 1400 universities and colleges in 28 countries have adopted the ISB, collecting and comparing feedback from over 2 million students to date
  • In 2018, more than 135,991 international students from 144 universities worldwide participated in the survey.
  • 35 Australian universities participated in the 2018 survey, with 56,376 international students taking part.
  • 7 IRU universities and 7 Victorian Universities participated in the 2018 survey.
  • In 2018, 2,236 students (28% of onshore La Trobe international students) responded to the survey, representing our best ever response rate.
  • La Trobe has been participating in the ISB survey since 2008

Summary of results

Pivot table of results by college, campus, course, and nationality Summary – La Trobe UB Sheet (PDF 1.5MB)

As an example of how ISB results can influence positive change, the International Student Services team used the 2017 results as a basis to re-design the on arrival experience for international students. We are very pleased to see this year’s results reflecting a positive result with the achievement of  a 91.7% satisfaction rating (our highest ever), wait times were reduced from 3 hours, to 20 minutes. The business process re-engineering was considerable but clearly resulted in an excellent outcome.

For more information on the ISB please contact Joanna Shaw in International Student Services > j.shaw@latrobe.edu.au.au.

For further data analysis related to your specific campus/Division/College/School, please contact Elizabeth Hemsley > E.Hemsley@latrobe.edu.au.